Almost ten kilometres of soft, golden sand lapped by shallow, warm waters in tones of green, with a sea that is so clear you can see right to the bottom even without diving. Santa Margherita is a pearl of southern Sardinia, the symbol of Pula, which extends to the west as far as another feature of the island, the coast of Chia (in the territory of Domus de Maria).

Santa Margherita di Pula is composed of a series of bays and beaches, almost uninterrupted, divided only by the rocks of small promontories, named according to the area (including Cala Marina and CalaBernardini), overlooking numerous luxury resorts including some which are among the island's most renowned, a destination for film and television stars, sports celebrities and top financiers.

The beaches are reached by small access roads next to the hotels or through the pine woods behind them, where you'll find hidden apartment blocks, villas and holiday homes. You'll discover unforgettable places, coves with super-fine, white tongues of sand, dotted with pink granite rocks, while the pines offer shade from the summer heat. The area is swept both summer and winter by a wind much appreciated by surfers. The sea bed is well-known among snorkelling and underwater fishing enthusiasts.

A short walk from Santa Margherita is the Pula nightlife, with its numerous events and aperitifs in Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Chiesa, to combine with long walks and lots of sports. For example, you can go jogging along the tree-lined streets leading to Nora, where, not far from the beach, you'll discover the ancient Phoenician-Punic and later Roman town. To the east of the Nora archaeological park, the beach and church of Sant'Efisio, lies the beach of su Guventeddu, much loved by kite and wind surfers. Keep fit with a nature walk, and continue on to the nearby Nora laguna. Fall in love with the system of small channels and islands created by the delta of the Rio Arrieras, which hosts a lush, typically Mediterranean plant life and many species of birds.