The name brings to mind colonies of coral, which was harvested here since ancient times. The beach of Porto Corallo is an expanse of medium-grained grey sand, small pebbles and shells, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery that extends right down to the beach. Stretches of reef emerge from the water. The sea is crystal clear reflecting mostly shades of green, while the seabed is made up of smooth pebbles and sand, becoming deep close to the shore. A 16th century Spanish tower dominates the coast and was built in order to spot the fleets of Saracen pirates who plundered the southeastern coast. From the tower of Porto Corallo, which is 14 metres high, you can admire a breathtaking view. Nearby, you will find all the services you need: accommodation facilities, including residence hotels and campsites, bars and restaurants, as well as a modern tourist port. Together, they form a seaside village, a district of Villaputzu, which is about six kilometres away and can be reached via the ‘old’ state road SS 125.