Its ancient roads and stone houses match the shape of the mouth of the Flumendosa river. Villaputzu, a village with five thousand inhabitants, lies a short distance from the southeastern coast of the Island, along which there are stretches of sand and promontories with inlets. Four kilometres from the village, you will find the marvellous Porto Corallo and its modern tourist port, dominated by a tower, which is one of six making up the Aragonese defence system (16th century). Nearby, there is the captivating Porto Tramatzu: fine sand set in Mediterranean greenery. Further north, there is the beach of Quirra (or Murtas), which is only partly accessible due to military restrictions. Next to the coastline, alluvial plains with ponds open up and are the habitat of the western swamphen, the mallard and the greater flamingo. This unspoilt scenery combines sun and sea with birdwatching, biking and trekking. As you explore further, you will encounter dense woods: you can walk amidst the ruins of industrial archaeology, like the mine of Baccu Locci, and grottoes with intricate underground passages, stalactites and stalagmites.