White cliffs, long stretches of white sand, dunes covered in Mediterranean greenery, crystal clear seas and ponds full of ‘life’. The Muravera coast is a succession of beautiful scenarios, never the same yet perfectly in tune with each other. About six kilometres from the main town in the Sarrabus area, a promontory overlooking the sea offers spectacular views of the entire nearby coast and ‘embraces’ Torre delle Saline. At first glance, the ancient fortress reveals an unusual feature: it is the only one belonging to Sardinia’s coastal defence system to have a square layout. At its base, the beach of Torre Salinas stretches to the north and obviously gets its name from the building dating back to the Spanish era. The beach is very broad, reaching a hundred metres in width in some places, and it is characterised by the ochre-golden colour of the sand. Sea lilies pop up on the dunes behind it and even further back there is thick Mediterranean scrub. The sea will surprise you with its crystal-clear waters and various shades of colour: blue alternating with green tones.