Alleyways and homes built in exposed sandstone blocks from the nearby quarries huddle together on the slopes of a hillside between the valleys of Alta Marmilla. Masullas is a small town of around 1000 inhabitants, part of the Borghi Autentici d'Italia circuit, and occupies a suggestive part of the Mount Acri park, which includes the Tarxi forest, the rocky cliff of su Columbariu and the Obsidian park of Conca 'e Cannas, Sardinia's largest source of prehistoric "black gold" that has been attracting peoples to travel from all over the Mediterranean ever since the 6th millennium BC. The deposit is hidden in the bowels of the extinct volcano, covered by elms, holm oaks and Mediterranean brush. Mount Arci is ideal for excursions: you can admire sa Perda Sperrada, a stone block split exactly in half, and the prenuraghic menhirs of sa Pedra isposa. You will also find the remains of twelve nuraghes, including the su Para nuraghe.