A vast stretch, a kilometre and a half long, of hills of fine, golden sand, modelled by an exceptional sculptor, the northwesterly mistral wind, which gives them unique and fascinating forms. The Golden Sands of Pistis, also known as Is Arenas 'e s'Ollastru (‘the sands of the water and of the wild olive’) border, in the south, with the splendid Torre dei Corsari and represent the northernmost beach of the Costa Verde, in the territory of Arbus. Patches of twisted junipers - one transformed by the poet Tziu Efisiu Sanna into a dwelling (the House of the Poet) - mastics, wild olive trees and other Mediterranean shrubs cover the 'Little Sahara', also coloured by hoary stock, sea daffodils and yellow hornpoppy in the springtime. Through the dunes, which are up to thirty metres high, upon your arrival, you can see the crystal clear waters that become emerald green in the sunlight.