Cheremule is located next to Monte Cuccuruddu, the 680-metre cone of an extinct volcano, surrounded by green forests, in the historical region of Logudoro. A small town of less than 500 inhabitants, it took its name from cheremulite, a volcanic stone used in the second half of the 20th century for its insulating power. In fact, the town lies within a territory dotted with volcanic craters in Meilogu, becoming a protected natural monument in 1994, and prehistoric remnants of the Valle dei Nuraghi, with thirty complexes within a few hundred metres. The landscape is unusual and unique, with small hills that are sometimes pointed, sometimes rounded and sometimes cut by level plains. Besides the nuraghe structures, there are also pre-Nuragic hypogenic necropolis within the territory, in particular the necropolis of Museddu with some Domus de Janas showing graffiti and bull protomes inside and outside. Moreover, there are some pinnettas scattered about, as characteristic conical pastoral stone constructions.

The main building is the parish church of San Gabriele Arcangelo, the patron saint celebrated on 29th September, built in the 16th century in Gothic-Aragonese forms. President of the Republic Francesco Cossiga chose this town to celebrate his funeral in 2010. From its slopes, extend the forest of Su Tippiri and the Monte Cuccuruddu pine forest, natural attractions that are not to be missed.