Heavenly male voices sing Gregorian chants. Inside the current monastery of Pietro di Sorres, which was once a cathedral, not only will you look at its architectural beauty with admiration, but you will also be spellbound as you listen to the melodic sounds.

The beautiful Romanesque church stands on a hill in the territory of Borutta, in the Meilogu region, not far from the village and the old Roman road that connected the north of the Island to the south. Its strategic position has revealed tombs from the Byzantine period and a wealth of grave goods.

It is thought that San Pietro di Sorres was built between 1170 and 1200, by that MarianeMaistro whose signature was left on the step beneath the main door. Like other Sardinian cathedrals, it was built after the reform of the Church of the Benedictine Pope, Gregory VII. The bond with the papacy explains the dedication made to the saint. In the Middle Ages, it was the seat of the diocese of Sorres and, after being a cathedral for centuries, it was modified in the 1950s, to function as a monastery for the Benedictine order.