The "cherry town" has a long and ancient history, linked to a "piece" of Sardinian history, the Bonnanaro culture of the early Bronze Age (1800-1600 BC). Bonnanaro is a small town with a population of 1000, overlooking the valley between Mount Arana and Mount Pelao, in the Meilogu sub-region of Logudoro. 
The surrounding hills have numerous water courses and springs, making them particularly fertile; they are planted with cherry trees, for which the town is famous within the island, and vines, with rare grape varieties used to produce an excellent wine. In mid-June, the popular cherry festival is held.

The Villa Gunar, later known as Gunnanor, was built around the year 1000 under the direction of the convent of San Pietro di Sorres. Today, the elaborate layout of the historical centre includes 18th and 19th century ancestral homes as well as the churches of Santa Maria Iscalas, Santa Barbara and Santa Croce (1624), and the Neoclassical parish Church of San Giorgio Magno, with its valuable paintings.