It is located in the northern part of the Campeda plateau, deep within the Logudoro region. Bonorva is a village with approximately 3500 inhabitants, located 50 kilometres from Sassari and it developed at the end of the Middle Ages. Its name possibly comes from the Latin bonus orbis, meaning 'good land'.

Its territory was inhabited in the Pre-Nuragic age and continued to be populated during the Nuragic age and in all the periods that followed. The most important prehistoric evidence is the necropolis of Sant'Andrea Priu, a funerary complex consisting of twenty domus de Janas dating back to the Neo-Eneolithic period (4th-3rd millennium BC), dug out of the wall and on the trachyte plain, 500 metres from the rural church of Santa Lucia (14th century) and ten kilometres from the village. Inside them, architectural details have been reproduced to recreate environments similar to the house of the deceased person.