It stands on a plateau surrounded by woods, Mediterranean scrub and cultivated fields in the historical territory of Gerrei. From a portion of the territory of Armungia, known as Cilixiucci, you can enjoy a view of incomparable beauty over the whole valley from the Flumendosa, the second longest river in Sardinia (and the one with the greatest flow). The historic centre developed around the nuraghe Armungia, which gives the village its name and dates back to the 15th-14th century BC. Today, it is in a good state of preservation, located right in the centre of the village, and it is one of the rare cases of a town-based nuraghe. The archaeological area includes a tower made of limestone blocks that has a twelve-metre diameter, with an internal chamber more than eight metres high and covered by a tholos (false dome). A flight of steps on the left of the entrance led to the terrace.