Its residential area has a unique ‘fan’ shape set to the east of mont’Ixi, at an altitude of almost 600 metres. Silius is a town of 1200 inhabitants in Gerrei, a territory in the south of Sardinia that separates Campidano from the Barbagie. Its shape is dictated by the remains of the Castle of Sassai (or Orguglioso), the presence of which confirms the importance of this town during the Giudicale era and the Spanish dominion, and to one of the few active mines in the south of the island, in a fluorite deposit. In the second half of the 20th century, the mining drew workmen from the countryside, but it didn’t change the ‘face’ of a town living primarily off farming and shepherding on land that is extremely fertile. The Spring of Is Alinos is an attraction of particular interest in the area. The local cuisine has close ties to farming and shepherding.