The challenge for the cliffs over the sea

Parete di Plumare, Cala Sisine - Baunei

The challenge for the cliffs over the sea

If you want a sporting holiday in the pursuit of adrenalin, with the sea, the limestone cliffs, climbing trails and views high up above the sea, don't hesitate to choose the gulf of Orosei.
Goloritzè, the 1980s, Maurizio Zanolla ‘Manolo’ opens the way to climbers from all over the world

If you find the climbing harness, the rope and nuts exciting, then the central-eastern part of Sardinia is the place for you. You can get to the Gulf of Orosei by car, motorcycle and camper van: departing from Baunei and following the directions for Golgo, after a stone path bordered by shrubbery, you will come across the wide depression of Arcu Annidai. From here, you can leave the path to get to Punta Salinas, or you can move along the ridge that leads to the sea until you get to the Aguglia di Goloritzé that dominates the beach. It is a limestone monolith in one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Mediterranean, ideal for climbing up a rock face. When you are at the top, with your muscles still taut, breathless and with your lungs seeking oxygen, you will feel like you have conquered the island.

Panorama da Punta Salinas sul Golfo di Orosei e Cala Goloritzè
At the top, breathless and with taut muscles, you will sense the conquest

Among the climbing areas around Cala Gonone, that of Buchi Arta is remarkable. You can get to it by car from Dorgali, following directions for Cala Luna and crossing a dense forest in the valley that leads to the steep hairpin bends of Scala s'Arga. Between the rocks, something worth trying is: the 'Poltrona' (the Armchair), an interesting slope made of greyish rock faces in the most scenic area above Cala Gonone, the 'Millennium', that crosses the cave of the same name, and the 'Arcadio', a grey limestone amphitheatre, inside which there are 15 routes and it descends down towards yellow overhanging rocks.

Climbing - Sardegna
Pedra Longa, 190 metres above the sea, with its back to the sea and its front facing the summit

Let yourself be won over by the Falesia del Pozzo, which has nine routes, of average difficulty, and by ‘Uttolo’, with its five routes of medium-high difficulty. If you feel confident and you want the dazzling sunlight reflected on the blue surface of the sea, allow yourself to be tempted by the 155 metres of Punta su Mulone and by the continuous challenge of alternating rock and shrubbery. At Pedra Longa, the ‘Via Marinaio di Foresta’ should not be missed and has a medium-high difficulty. This route leads to a rocky spike that forces you to turn your back to the sea and look at the summit at a height of 190 metres.