The forest of Capo Ferrato, in the province of Cagliari in the locality of the same name (a small suburb of agricultural dwellings) in the territory of Sarrabus, is set along a coastal scene of great environmental and panoramic value and covers an area of around 195 hectares. The forest is a most evocative area adjacent to the sea, with breathtaking landscape surrounded by the crystalline waters of the shore of Villasimius. The forest falls within the general climatic conditions of the thermo-Mediterranean grouping. Palaeozoic granite and the effusive acidic rocks of the Cainozoic along with various deposits of the rocks of Monte Ferru can be admired within the forest. Monte Ferru rises to 300 m above sea level and affords the visitor a highly evocative panoramic view. It is possible to see the Riu Su Tubbiu, that represents the main watercourse that cuts through this territory. The visit to the forest is recommended to all those wishing to spend a day discovering nature and admiring a landscape of spectacular colours at the crystalline edge of the sea of Sardinia.