Set on a hill overlooking Lake Coghinadorza, in a natural setting enhanced by the green of the mountains and valleys, the village of s'Urbale, which datesback to the mid-Bronze Age, is found in the territory of Teti, around 12 km away, south-west of Nuoro. The village is composed of around fifty circular huts built of blocks of granite with stone floors that can still be seen. Each hut has a square-shaped fireplace in the centre of the room, made out of beaten earth set on stones. The huts used to be thatched and insulated with clay and cork, using a technique that is different from that used in other Nuraghic villages. One hut has been faithfully reconstructed in the Teti archaeological museum, showing the high level of construction technique used: the hut includes a storage room with stone slabs fixed in the earth, used for food and tools, and a central fireplace with cooking plates and fragments of crockery.