Art and nature blend magically in a town extending within the fertile area of southern Campidano. San Sperate is one of the most productive agricultural towns of Sardinia, populated by over 8,000 inhabitants, located not far from the Monte Arcosu park and the beaches of southern Sardinia. An immense garden of colourful and fragrant orchards surrounds the village. The production of citrus fruits and peaches is renowned, with a festival held since 1960 dedicated to such, associated with the celebrations of the patron saint held in mid-July. Events include a procession, shows and exhibitions of excellent products, including honey and tomatoes. The festival is an opportunity to savour Malloreddus and Panadas, homemade breads and delicious desserts. At its heart are the artistic works created in ceramics, iron, leather and wood, together with the creation of jewellery.

San Sperate is a town-museum. Strolling through is an adventure in art: hundreds of colourful murals adorn the streets, recounting the history, rural traditions and life of the community. The ‘muralism’ developed in the revolutionary 1968: Pinuccio Sciola conceived the project of transforming the village into a workshop of creation to which local, Italian and foreign artists still adhere and contribute.