The beach of Punta Rossa - Cala Andreani is found on the Island of Caprera. As well as its inestimable natural value, the island preserves the memory of the time that Giuseppe Garibaldi spent here, during the last 26 years of his life. The “Compendio Garibaldi” must be seen with his tomb and home, the “Casa Bianca” (White House). The beach forms a wide arc of light-coloured coarse-grained sand, lapped by a splendid sea where pink granite rocks poke out, edged by verdant and lush vegetation. Facing the Islet of Capo Pecora, the beach of Punta Rossa - Cala Andreani has a bush-lined path which borders on another small beach. During the summer, it is extremely popular because of the extraordinary beauty of its waters and the framework of plants that surround it and also for its shallow waters that make it suitable for children.