Wild and unspoilt, the Isola delle Bisce lies a short distance from the Island of Caprera, in the splendid setting of the 'Maddalena Archipelago National Park'.

Just a short distance from Capo Ferro from which it is separated by the strait of 'Passo delle Bisce', together with other small islets in the area (Barettini, Monaci, Nibani, Mortorio), it forms a dramatic seascape, with its low-lying rocky shore interspersed with white sand coves.

This granite islet, with sparse vegetation cover, is almost oval in shape. it has an area of almost 50 hectares, and a maximum elevation of 21 m.

It is well known among sailors who, during world-class regattas such as the Louis Vuitton Trophy admire it as they pass through the strait between Capo Ferro and the Isola delle Bisce.

Accessible from the sea only.

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