Porto Rafael is found in the commune of Palau. The little beaches have pink somewhat coarse-grained sand with a number of small rocks. The little beaches are found in the area of the Porto Rafael village, in the eastern part of the Sardegna Headland, facing the Island of Santo Stefano and characteristically have blue coloured limpid water and rounded granite rocks. The village owes its name to its founder, the Spanish Count Rafael Neuville di Berlange, who started off by building a villa or two here in 1962. It is an exclusive destination and is extremely well-equipped, even for boats. The centre of the village, known as the “piazzetta”, opens onto a view of Cala Scilla, known as Porto Rafael’s swimming pool, characterised by limpid and transparent waters. Trips can be made along the coast, also thanks to the taxi-boat service, The nineteenth century military fortress, dominating the zone, is most suggestive.