Man has protected it, making it green again and usable. A story of great respect for nature characterizes the regional park of the Oasis of Tepilora, which is, in reality,‘very young’ (established in 2014), but which had a long gestation period. Above all, it has great natural and historical-cultural value: almost eight thousand hectares of unspoilt forests, trails, springs, rivers and ‘dunes’ in the territory of Bitti, Lodè, Posada and Torpè.

Between 1980 and 1986, the two main areas, Tepilora and Crastazza, were reforested, using conifers for the process. The entire perimeter was equipped with infrastructures and services and the new vegetation supplemented the spontaneous Mediterranean vegetation. In the reforestation, numerous species found refuge: the wild boar, the Sardinian hare, the fox and some types of fallow deer and mouflon.