In the heart of the Iglesiente area, you will be amazed by multi-shape landscapes modelled by time and nature. In particular, surrender to an area of immense natural value, called Monte Linas-Oridda-Marganai, covering more than 22 thousand hectares and part of the territories of Domusnovas, Fluminimaggiore, Gonnosfanadiga, Iglesias and Villacidro. The area is mostly mountainous and varied from the morphological point of view: from granitic Mount Linas to the limestone mountain of Marganai, including the rugged Oridda plateau (600 metres high) that separates them, and where the lush Montimannu forest thrives. The highest peak is Perda de sa Mesa (1236 metres). In the granitic areas you will find deep canyons and spectacular waterfalls, like the sa Spendula, riu Mannu, and Piscina Irgas. Here many medicinal plants bloom (chamomile, belladonna, calendula), together with other endemic species. Along the rio Linas you will find giant strawberry trees. Lush groves of evergreen oaks cover the highest areas, populated by deer, wild boars, weasels, martens, mouflons, foxes and red birds, such as buzzards, golden eagles, sparrow hawks and griffon-vultures.