Costa Verde


Costa Verde

The silence of the dunes, the sandy deserts and echoed miners’ voices of the abandoned mines: this is the charm of the Costa Verde, Sardinia’s southwest.

Costa Verde is a togetherness of vast beaches and dramatic cliffs; high dunes and sand deserts which penetrate for more than a kilometre and go down to the sea, where every morning you can meet the Sardinian deer. In the background a green Mediterranean landscape sculpted by the force of the wind that bends juniper trees to the ground. The charm of these places combined with simple hospitality; those who choose the Costa Verde know about it and do not come here by accident. Whoever dislikes organized entertainment, beach resorts and facilities, will find a spontaneous, easy-going welcome in the small family-run farmhouses and B & Bs where you can enjoy the original Sardinian lifestyle.

In spring the Costa Verde also becomes a paradise for surfers who will find the best waves to ride here; the summer lull offers an atmosphere of rare beauty, long days on the beach and postcard sunsets, among the most fascinating on the Mediterranean. This Costa is so pristine and isolated, that the loggerhead turtle lay their eggs along the Piscinas and Scivu beaches, the heart of the Costa Verde.

But the Costa is not just sea, silence and nature, but a living testimony to the extreme fatigue of the miners through the industrial archaeological monuments.
From the mines to the sea; the tracks along which the coal trucks ran from the mines of Buggerru, Montevecchio and Ingurtosu, terminate at Porto Flavia. Now they're the ruins of mines and abandoned villages, palaces and galleries that tell stories of men and fatigue, a stone's throw from the sea.

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