A collapse had concealed its shape and safeguarded its secrets, but after restoration and consolidation works, the Nuraghe Appui finally revealed its - at least in its current state - uniqueness: the courtyard, or rather the space between the central tower (or keep) and bastion, is covered. The only small opening is in the upper reaches, intended to let light filter in and, probably, allow the smoke to exit when the hearths were lit. But who knows whether this fortress harbours further surprises, given that many of its rooms still remain to be studied.

The nuraghe sits in the countryside outside of Villanova Monteleone, facing the sea at the feet of mount Cuccu, at the very top of a plateau known as Chentu Mannas that looks out over the coastline between the protected areas of Capo Marargiu and Capo Caccia. The building is quadrilobed, with rectilinear walls connected to corner towers with carefully crafted ashlars in the shape of an ‘L.’