The village is perched on a plateau, surrounded by hills and valleys covered in Mediterranean brush. Mara is a small village in the Meilogu area with a population of around 600, whose name means "marsh". The villagers' traditional occupation is sheep-farming, as you can discover from the Centro di documentazione della civiltà contadina (Farming civilisation records centre), part of the Grazia Deledda literary park. At the centre of the village stands the 18th century parish church of San Giovanni Battista, a harmonious blend of styles with its Gothic-Aragonese belltower and Baroque facade. The church has multi-coloured wooden altars, a large 17th century altarpiece, and 18th century statues and paintings. In the old town ("Mara antica") is the church of Santa Croce (17th century) with a nave divided into two cross-vaulted bays and a "Renaissance" doorway in limestone.