Its origin is Phoenician-Punic and later, during the Roman era, it became Gurgles Vitus, mentioned by the geographer Ptolemy: according to legend, the inhabitants abandoned it to found Gurgles Nova (present-day Cagliari), on the slopes of the Montferrat massif. Padraig is a small municipality with just over 600 inhabitants on the southwestern Logudoro-Meilogu border. Its territory extends through the valley of the Temo river and its tributaries. One of these, Su' Entale, before entering the major river, crosses a deep canyon, creating evocative waterfalls, a setting for trekking itineraries. Su' Entale marks the border with Bosa, which is connected to Padria by trunk road SS 202, with its spectacular bends that are much loved by motorcyclists.