It lies in a flat stretch crossed by Flumini Mannu and Rio Sitzerri and enclosed by the ranges of Monte Linas and Monte Arci, a short distance from the Arborea marina and less than half an hour from the magnificent and wild beaches of the Costa Verde (Arbus). San Nicolò d’Arcidano is a town with 2,000 inhabitants, bordering the province of Oristano in southern Sardinia, whose main resources are agriculture and craftsmanship, well-represented by the Arcidano Produce event held in mid-August, exhibiting and selling agricultural and artisan products. Its viticulture is particularly renowned, thanks to the Bovale and Su Muristellu vines, from which derive esteemed wines. Inside the village is Sa Mizza de Fagoi, an ancient spring that once quenched the thirsts of shepherds and travellers.