The ‘Corona Rossa’ (Red Crown) is a basalt plateau, in the countryside of Collinas and Lunamatrona, covered in red lichens, highlighted by the sunset. Here, there is a singular museum, which is both a scientific hub and a cultural centre, able to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors since its creation, with permanent exhibitions, organised in three pavilions - wildlife, botanical and anthropic - and international-level temporary exhibitions, among which ‘Dinosaurs’', ‘The Great Spanish Painters’, ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ and ‘Ancient Egypt’.

In the wildlife section, you can admire the largest and most complete display of dioramas in Sardinia: eight life-size three-dimensional reconstructions of local spaces populated by local plant and wildlife. You will see the ecosystems of the ‘giare’, holm oak woods, riparian environments and arid pastures. The botanical section is in turn divided into a fungarium, a xylotheque and an herbarium: you can enjoy a 360-degree exploration of the plant world. The showcases emanate a particular charm with a description of the use of medicinal plants over the centuries and panels with accurate descriptions of the mushrooms.