It is perhaps less well-known thanother coves in the Gulf of Orosei - Luna, Goloritzè and Mariolu - but it will nevertheless make your holiday a dream, thanks to the blue sea and a seabed of round, white pebbles. Cala Sisine is located at the end of a codula, which is a gully, once a riverbed and now the mouth of a small torrent, which originates on the plateau of Golgo,in the Supramontedi Baunei area.

Approximately 200 metres wide, it looks out onto the cliffs of Serra Ovra that stand over 500 metres high and overlook the sea. It is bordered, almost enshrouded, by rocky crags, while the gorge is covered by the greenery of centuries-old carob trees and holm oaks. Quite ironically, although it is one of the most beautiful seaside localities of all, it has a unique mountainous appearance. The waters are a shimmering turquoise colour due to the play of sunlight reflected upon it. The seabed consists of light grains of limestone sand and rounded stones, the ideal setting if you want to take your mask and do some snorkelling.

To the south, there is a spectacular cove, fifty metres high and a trampoline for the bravest and most expert divers. You can get to the cove in private boats or using services departing from the ports of Arbatax,Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese. It can also be reached on foot, but with greater difficulty, along marked-out trekking trails. If you want a little refreshment after your walk, there are bars and places for dining/refreshments.

In ancient times, it was known as Portu ‘e Sisine, a landing place for cargos of coal. In fact, to the north there is still a building constructed by the carbon merchants. Tools have been found in the area,revealing the presence of humans here about 4000 years ago. In past centuries, stopping here was a must, after having crossed the terrible monti insani, meaning insane mountains (which is where the name Monte Santo comes from), as Cicero defined them. The oldest inhabitants tell us that, to the south of the beach, during the Second World War, a submarine stopped in a sheltered area known as Su Stuggiu (the hiding place). During your trip along the gulf, in the Baunei territory, don't miss an opportunity to stretch out on the (more) famous and equally charming coves of Biriola, Goloritzèand Mariolu.