From the hinterland to the coast, the Supramonte hides a subterranean world marked by the patient labour of water. As limestone dissolves, it generates treasures such as sa rutta ‘e su Meraculu, the grotto of the Miracle, which faces Cala Sisine from the feet of Baccu Erettili. Visit the mystical beauty of this gem of Baunei and you will understand the origins of its name. Over millions of years, nature has moulded the rocks, creating a succession of halls enclosed by walls with limestone formations that are veritable works of art. An expressionist scenario formed by columns, stalactites, stalagmites, pisoliths, pools and glossy floors.

The grotto continues for 200 metres, at 17° C. The foyer has a narrow corridor with cauliflower stalagmites, leading to the central hall, one hundred metres long and from four to six metres high, a splendid gallery of natural sculptures.