The town is set in the foothills of the Marghine mountain range, in the Abbasanta plateau, around 400 metres above sea level. Borore has a population of over 2000 and is in the province of Nuoro. It is part of the Borghi Autentici d'Italia circuit and is known for its Giants' Tombs and for the oldest wine variety in the world. It is also famous for traditional bread-making: it hosts the Sardinian Ritual Bread Museum, which covers a selection of traditional breads and the festivals of various towns. Borore also produces some pastries worthy of note (and tasting): amaretti, giorminos, pitifurros, sospiri and ziliccas, made using recipes handed down through the generations. The town has become famous over the centuries for extemporary Sardinian poetry, which was celebrated in improvisation competitions.