Sardinia, golf&more

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Sardinia, golf&more

A passion for sport to experience throughout the year in an earthly paradise
Golf in scenari unici, tra natura, benessere e buon cibo

A mild climate and warm hospitality, thousands of years of traditions with varied and unparalleled landscapes: this is the setting where the Island's golf courses are located, places where you can combine a passion for sport with a charming holiday, in elegant environments, with high-quality services, wellness centres and delicious cuisine

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The Pevero is everything you could wish for in a day of golf

Golfo del Pevero, Porto Cervo, on the northern coast of the Gallura region, twenty minutes by car from Olbia and a few hours by plane from the major European towns. A unique destination in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, where everything is special and exclusive, starting with the design and the buildings of the Pevero golf club, which is considered one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world: in 1978, it hosted the Italian Open. The 18 holes are located on a natural 'carpet' along the coast, with spectacular views: fairways that find their way into the Mediterranean scrub, bunkers that appear on the granite rocks shaped by the wind, and natural pools are the 'water hazards' on the course. From the club house, designed in harmony with the natural setting, the view is unforgettable, from the beach of Pevero to Cala di Volpe: the green fields blend with the turquoise sea.
Costa Smeralda, Capriccioli
The Emerald Coast
Famous the world over for the emerald blue of its water, for piazzas bustling with life and for quality services, it is the most exclusive resort...

Quiet and unspoilt: Is Arenas is a corner of paradise ideal for golf

Winding and undulating green 'drapery'. The 18 holes of the Is Arenas Country&Golf Club, in the centre of the western coast of Sardinia, a short distance from the beauty of the Sinis peninsula (and twenty kilometres from Oristano), extend for over six kilometres along a coastline of sand dunes shaped by the wind and dotted with pines and junipers. It is a golf course for elegant games and was built in full respect of an 800-hectare wood. You will enjoy absolute tranquillity, a source of inspiration for your strategy and for deciding how to 'hit' the ball. Strolling across the course, your experience will be all-engaging, with intense fragrances, shining colours and silence broken only by the twittering of birds and waves breaking on the water's edge.
In Sinis, culture, environment and tourism live together in perfect harmony thanks to the activities carried out in the Marine Protected Area. For...

Is Molas is the largest golf course in Sardinia and is one of the best in Italy

In the Mediterranean, it is known as one of the most technically valid and most spectacular golf courses based on its setting. Prestigious competitions are hosted here, including four Italian Open tournaments and one European Masters tournament. The Is Molas Golf Club in Santa Margherita di Pula is a splendid garden with a sea view, located a few minutes from delightful beaches and from the centre of Pula and approximately 30 kilometres from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. It is the largest course on the island: in a setting of palm trees and Mediterranean scrub, it has 27 holes. The nine of the Yellow Course are challenging. The green and the bunkers are American style, while the fairways are large, making them ideal for carrying out slice effects.
Spiaggia di Nora - Pula
A gem of tourism in the southwestern part of Sardinia, accompanying you on a journey of discovery of the island's history and culture,...

The Tanka is a 'gem' located on the spectacular Villasimius coast

In 2007, it was awarded a prize by The World of Golf magazine, as the best new golf course in Italy and it is located next to beaches and little coves in the marine protected area of Capo Carbonara. The 18-hole golf course of the Tanka Golf Club in Villasimius, a tourism 'pearl' in the southeastern part of the Island (45 minutes by car from Cagliari), occupies a surface area of 40 hectares and it is five and a half kilometres long, situated in a breathtaking setting where the salty fragrance coming from the beach of Simius mixes with Mediterranean scents. A course of rare beauty and technically challenging: the first nine holes require a good variety of hits and drives, while the second nine are on a more level surface and allow you to breathe a little. Next to it, there is a practice green, with eight covered posts and fifteen uncovered ones, flanked by a splendid putting green. A spectacular lighting system also makes it possible to compete at night.
Porto giunco - Villasimius
This the best vacation spot in Sardinia’s south-eastern region: crystalline water, white beaches, glamorous lifestyles and fine food to meet your...

Puntaldia and Alghero, perceiving the fragrance of the sea breeze on the skin and in the air

A short distance from the splendid beaches of San Teodoro, the Puntaldìa Golf Club blends perfectly with the colours of the landscape and has the impressive outline of the Tavolara Island in the background. The nine-hole golf course is ten kilometres from the residential area of San Teodoro and 25 kilometres from the airport and port of Olbia. It is a paradise-like garden with picturesque bays and coves and lush greenery surrounded by palm trees. Ideal for training, friendly competitions or minor tournaments, it will surprise you with its technical difficulties over a 1800-metre circuit. A driving range and putting green are available, allowing you to complete your golfing experience. From the northeast to the opposite side of Sardinia. The group of golfers from the ASD Golf Club Alghero organizes tournaments and events in a 9-hole pitch and putt golf course (plus a practice green), with the same difficulties as the regulation courses: it is located just over a kilometre from the splendid sea of the famous Catalan town of Alghero.
Cala Brandinchi - San Teodoro
San Teodoro
A sun-kissed Gallurian town of elegant villas and flowers that looks out over the turquoise sea of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, home to a...

Cagliari and its surrounding area, where nature and silence prevail

There are two golfing centres in the vicinity of the Island's capital city: Sa Tanca Golf Club in Flumini, a district of Quartu Sant'Elena, along the western stretch of the Golfo degli Angeli (15 minutes by car from Cagliari) and the Ercole Cellino Golf&Country Club, just outside the residential area of Assemini, a little town five minutes by car from the airport of Elmas and ten from Cagliari. Both golf courses have nine holes and are examples of good taste and functionality, as well as a combination of tradition and innovation in the supporting buildings. A few tens of kilometres from breathtaking beaches, in a green oasis, you will find: challenging fairways and fast greens, small bodies of water and trees.
Cagliari veduta dal mare
The capital of Sardinia is steeped in Mediterranean atmosphere and offers everything you could want from a vacation: history and art, seashores and...