You will see it almost suddenly, on the top of a rocky spur along a spectacular scenic road with a view of hills and green valleys. Its position and setting will captivate you and you will be intrigued by a mysterious path. The nuraghe Ardasai is located on the slopes of Tonneri, about 13 kilometres from the residential area of Seui. A strategic position, from which the access roads to Barbagia can be controlled. The structure is part of a complex that also includes a village, the remains of a Giants’ Tomb and perhaps a sacred well.

This is a single-tower nuraghe, probably built during the Middle Bronze Age (17th-14th century BC) with large limestone blocks, originally on several levels. Today, the lower floor still remains, with a tholos vault and a spiral staircase that led to the second level. Around the tower, there was a curtain wall with secondary towers, traces of which can still be identified.