In the heart of the Gennargentu park, in the most authentic and green part of Sardinia, the most inaccessible and wild treasures of Villanova Strisaili stand out: two natural jewels that plunge into the bowels of the earth - the Pirincanes gorge and the Rio 'e Forru waterfall. The impressive granite rock with its pinkish hue was excavated over the millennia by the torrent, which descends from the aquifers of the mountain and runs through a valley where it has left its mark over time. The Pirincanes gorge is around 700 high, in the foothills of the BrunciCuxinadorgiu, and forms open air pools of crystal clear water known as the "giants' cauldrons". They are surrounded by waterfalls, which foam and fill the surroundings with natural noise, crashing from fall to fall, the highest of which is 15 metres. Here native species, almost extinct in the other Sardinian torrents, flourish, such as the Sardinian trout and the Sardinian newt, with its distinctive green and brown camouflage.

The eastern slope of the Gennargentu massif, in the territory of Villagrande, offers unusual landscapes such as the village of Villanova, which stretches along the banks of Lake Flumendosa, among the fairy-tale frame of the mountains. You can see these scenes along itineraries with breath-taking panoramas over dramatic rockfaces, woods, Mediterranean brush, junipers and broom, rare animals such as mouflons and royal eagles, and the crashing of water that overcomes all obstacles. A path leads up to the waterfalls towards Monte Oreddu, continuing after about an hour's walk to Arcusu Stampu and Bruncu Margiani Iola. From here it leads to the point where the Rio 'e Forru has excavated the Pirincanes gorge. You can admire them from above, on a natural balcony. You'll need a love of trekking, good equipment - perhaps including a dinghy - and supplies of food and water: the trip is recommended during the summer months, not in the periods when the torrent is at its fullest.