Carasau: the shepherds’ bread

a long and elaborate preparation ritual

From Dorgali to Oliena and Gavoi, the aroma of the ancient ovens

Road travel time: 1h 11’

Journey length: 66 km

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Carasau bread is a speciality of Oliena. It comes in crispy sheets and pairs beautifully with the flavour of the Nepente wine celebrated by the author and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, and with the cheeses and cured meats made in town and all over the Barbagia region. A tasty variation is guttiau, made by adding extra-virgin olive oil and salt and cooking it in a wood-fired oven, which gives the bread an added fragrance and woody flavour.
Veduta di Oliena
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Carasau bread is perfect with the salamis and other meats sold at stands set up by the local butchers and meat curers every year in Gavoi during the Isola delle storie literary festival that takes place on the first weekend of July, and the stands set up by meat processors and shops in mid-October for the Autumn in Barbagia festival.
Gavoi - Lago di Gus
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Carasau is native to Dorgali as well, where they also make su moddizzosu, a round and puffy golden coloured bread that is mostly crust. The version they make in Dorgali differs in that they add potatoes to the dough, which makes it especially soft and tasty.
Dorgali - ved
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