Some consider this temple an anachronistic monument, dating to a wrong period in time: this, the oldest megaron temple of Sardinia, seems to have anticipated all others by several centuries. The mysterious Malchittu temple is situated little more than two kilometres out of Arzachena and is the only religious building from the Nuragic period ever to be found in the area. Another feature that sets it apart is the fact that it is still in good condition. In fact, only the roof, gabled wood with a central beam, and the flooring, once pebbled, are missing.

The structure has a sub-rectangular floor plan with an apse at the end that consists of a vestibule and a bedroom. As is customary with in antis temples, the walls of the vestibule are actually the forward extension of the side walls. The entrance to the chamber is located at the back, graced with an architrave and a window. The 8mt-long main room is rectangular.