A journey into a distant past, amidst ingenuity and splendour, to discover a majestic monument surrounded by Mediterranean greenery. The 'stone giant' La Prisgiona gradually rewrites the Nuragic age, unravelling the mysteries surrounding it. Its size, architecture and position suggest the important role of the site, a one-off in Gallura and one of the most fascinating on the island. It was a reference point for a vast territory, a sort of metropolis in those days, consisting of a fortress, a huge village and a funerary monument. The life of the complex, built on a pre-existing 'corridor' structure, spans a long period of time (14th-8th century BC), followed by a brief period of occupation at the end of the Roman period (4th-5th century AD).

La Prisgiona is the archaeological pearl of Arzachena, perched on a granite hill overlooking the Capichera valley, ten minutes from the town and a few kilometres from the beaches of the Costa Smeralda (‘Emerald Coast’) and the glamorous Porto Cervo. A spectacular panorama of hills 'embroidered' with vermentino vineyards forms the backdrop to the nuraghe, which consists of a central tower (keep) and two lateral towers linked by a curved bastion.