Stretching along a gentle slope overlooking Lake Omodeo and surrounded by hills with alternating almond groves, olive groves, vineyards and ancient oaks, Sorradile is an agricultural-pastoral town with 400 inhabitants in the Barigadu region, which is part of Borghi Autentici d’Italia (the official authentic villages of Italy), serving as a ‘linkage’ between the plain and the mountain in the Tirso valley. It was originally called Oiratili, a Villa donated in 1156 by the Barisone Giudice (ruler) of Arborea to his wife, Algaburga di Catalonia. Exalted in its narrow streets is the red of the trachyte adorned the houses it decorates and lit in a plethora of shades when illuminated by the sun. Two districts form the village: Corte ‘e Susu, built in ‘terracing’ style, from which you will see views of lake and hills, and Corte ‘e Josso, further downstream, where there is the Parish Church of San Sebastiano. Built in 1642 on a Romanesque layout, it is a sumptuous example of sacred art of the 17th-century picapedres, blending Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements.