Ardauli is a small village in the historical Barigadu region in the province of Oristano and it stands on a trachyte plateau known as Culunzu Pertuntu, the ‘pierced rock’. According to legend, it was used by sailors as a mooring place, when the sea reached the present-day valley, washed by the Rio Canal, that the village looks out onto. The deep valley runs as far as the southern shores of lake Omodeo, characterised by uncontaminated vegetation and numerous rocks shaped by atmospheric agents: it is the habitat of numerous animal species: hares, foxes, weasels, wild cats, deer, wild boar and martens.

The area of Ardauli is particularly fertile and shows traces of agricultural activities that took place in the past: you will find ancient water mills, stone mills, open spaces used for processing wheat and vats for pressing grapes.