Spread across the green hills in the heart of the island, a short distance from the scenery of Lago Omodeo, is one of the largest artificial basins in Europe, with the environment, nature, culture and traditions having rendered it an authentic Italian village. Neoneli is a small town with around 700 inhabitants in the historical territory of Barigadu, documented in the late Middle Ages as Villa di Leunelli (‘Neunelli’), which today owes part of its fame to the Neoneli choir, a polyphonic quartet interpreting the archaic cantu a tenòre, also celebrated thanks to artistic collaborations with the singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini and with the group Elio e le Storie Tese. Adding to the prestige of the town is the wildlife oasis of Assai, almost a thousand hectares of land on the slopes of Monte Santa Vittoria, covered by dense forests of holm oaks and cork oaks and populated by deer and fallow deer. Within the park is the museum of the oasis that exhibits various stuffed exemplars of species of mammals and birds, including raptors and a splendid golden eagle specimen.