Perched on a ridge of volcanic rock, surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs, common and downy oaks, it overlooks a splendid panorama of Lake Omodeo, near the imposing Mount Santa Vittoria, which gave it its name along with nocetum, used in the past to describe an area rich in walnut trees. Nughedu Santa Vittoria, a small farming community of 500 inhabitants in Barigadu, on the north-eastern edge of the Province of Oristano, offers surprising natural sites: spectacular granite peaks and masses of strange shapes that stand out against the greenery, springs and rivers. The mountain is embellished by century-old holly and cork oaks of Assai forest, which is a heaven for animal life including red and fallow deer. In Alamoju, there is an Oasis of Assai Museum, housing a collection of taxidermy mammals and birds (including a golden eagle), a xylotheque, a mineral and fossil collection, and a reproduction of a forest corner.