The stretch of Sulcis coast between Porto Pino and the island of Sant’Antioco is dotted with wetlands, from the ponds close to the beach of Is Arenas Biancas to those of Porto Botte and Porto Baiocco. Further north, the Santa Caterina lagoon appears, next to the isthmus that connects Sant’Antioco to the mainland, and is separated from the sea by a strip of sand. Thanks to the surfacing of the sandbar, which occurred over thousands of years, the borders of the lagoon area became defined and were fed by two waterways, the Rio Palmas and the Rio Sassu. It extends to the left of the artificial link that leads to the largest island of the Sulcis archipelago and all of Sardinia. You’ll be welcomed by pink flamingos in flight, while yellow fields of broom surround the landscape in spring.