Once a fishing village, today this is a well-known seaside resort. San Giovanni, a village in Cabras to the south of the Sinis peninsula within the protected marine area, is located along the road leading to the ancient town of Tharros and, further south, the scenic Capo San Marco. The beach extends for around two kilometres, from the Phoenician-Punic (later Roman) colony to FuntanaMeiga, with a car park including space for campers. It overlooks a crystal clear sea with a seabed rich in sea life, a paradise for diving, snorkelling and underwater fishing. Constant winds also make this a destination for surfers.

The landscape of sand dunes is interrupted by sandstone and basalt rocks as well as the suggestive Spanish tower, named for San Giovanni and built by Philip II between 1580 and 1610 to deal with pirate incursions. The tower stands 500 metres from the beach and is accessed by a slightly uphill path.