The northwesterly mistral wind caresses the sand that resembles grains of rice. The fine, golden sand, made of tiny pink and white pebbles of quartz, colours Mari Ermi with multiple iridescent shades. An integral part of the peninsula of the Sinis marine area - island of Mal di Ventre, the beach stretches for two and a half kilometres along the coast of Cabras, set between the charming Is Arutas and Porto Suedda, a strip of land where rocks of various shapes appear, hiding another little beach.

From the long shoreline bathed by a melodious undertow, you can enter a deep blue see with a seabed sloping gently out towards the open sea, making the beach ideal for families and children. For sea sports enthusiasts, this is the ideal place do some kitesurfing and windsurfing. At the beach, you will find ample parking, places for dining and refreshments and services. For nature and adventure lovers, there are campsites and agri-campsites a short walk from the sandy shore.

Enclosed between the high, light-coloured sand dunes and marine vegetation, Mari Ermi is protected from behind by a large 20-hectare pond. Numerous species of marine birds live in the body of water, including the greater flamingo. You will notice them with their heads immersed in the water, intent on eating the shrimps that give them their distinctive pink colour. Opposite the beach, you will see the distinctive shape of the island of Mal di Ventre, in Campidano dialect Malu Entu, meaning 'bad wind', because of the sudden changes in the weather. This is a natural haven, where turtles appear on the beach and on its seabed there are shipwrecks from every period, among which the wreckage of a 36-metre Roman ship that sunk between 80 and 50 BC with two thousand lead ingots. Mari Ermi has characteristics similar to another two coastal jewels in the Cabras area: the light green, white and rose quartz of Is Arutas, one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia, and Maimoni, two kilometres of light sand, also enhanced by grains of quartz of different colours. Another equally evocative beach in the Cabras area, with different features, is that of San Giovanni di Sinis, an expanse of soft, fine sand.