A stretch of fine, white, super-soft sand protected by dunes covered in junipers. Porto Zafferano (or Cala Zafferano) is a stupendous beach in the territory of Teulada, that falls within the military firing range. For this reason, it is only accessible from the sea during July and August (without disembarking), or you can reach it by guided excursions leaving from the nearby Tuerredda and Porto Tramatzu, two other "earthly paradises" that have come to symbolise Teulada along with Is Arenas Biancas, the southern end of Porto Pino beach.

Porto Zafferano could well be the most stunning sandy beach in the world: a wide curve of white, super-fine sand with pale pink reflections along the shoreline, created by fragments of shells left by the waves. It faces onto an extraordinarily transparent sea, and the water remains shallow a long way out to sea, while the low rocks on the sea bed, which are completely visible even farther out, lend the water infinite tones from emerald green to turquoise.

To the east, on a high promontory, you can admire the tower of Porto Scudo, while to the west the beach gradually gives way to the rocks. This suggestive scenery is framed by gleaming dunes, and a flourishing Mediterranean brush. The surrounding mountains lend it a tropical feeling: the side looking towards Capo Teulada seems to draw the shape of a sleeping woman, while the opposite side opens onto a gentle valley. The feeling of wonder is enhanced by the silence and solitude of the location.

A small port makes it possible to moor your boat and dinghy near the beach. Your photos of Porto Zafferano will remain an indelible reminder of amazing panoramas.