Its mighty structure, built in various phases and consisting of central main tower and a bastion with four smaller corner towers around it, brings to mind one of the most famous Bronze Age monuments, su Nuraxi in Barumini. The nuraghe Nolza is the most important archaeological site in Meana Sardo, a typical village with agro-pastoral traditions, which is seven kilometres away (to the south), as well as the largest in the entire Barbagia di Belvì region. The quatrefoiled building stands on the Cuccurru Nolza, the highest elevation (740 metres) of the schist plateau of su Pranu, on the southwestern edge of the park of Gennargentu. From Meana, the road takes you alongside it, but you can also reach the nuraghe on the Trenino Verde tourist railway line, on the stretch from Mandas to Sorgono: the train stops just 300 metres from the monument.