Distant and almost inaccessible, the castle of Medusa has left few traces in history, almost as if it never existed. In contrast, it is the subject of infinite imaginative legends. This mysterious rock, surrounded by solitary hills, ravines and crevasses is set in an impervious landscape where falcons nest, riven by mountain torrents and ancient woodland, domus de Janas and nuraghes. It clings to the hillside of sa Conca 'e su Casteddu, on the edge of the rocky ravine formed by the riu Araxisi river with its limestone cliffs covered in greenery and ridden with caves. The location falls under the territory of Samugheo, an equal distance from the "carpet town" and Asuni, in the heart of Mandrolisai. It is an "anomalous" castle, built at the bottom of the valley, almost hidden, placed to control the traffic from the "Romanised" plains near Forum Traiani to the hills of Barbaria, inhabited by rebel populations.