Endless trails, all to be explored, will lead you into the heart of Mulargia, a lake set between the mountains of Su Rei and Moretta, in the part of Sardinia where the historical territories of Gerrei, Trexenta and Sarcidano meet. You will travel through the luxuriant hills that slope down towards the shores, where you will notice a 'Mississippi style' boat cutting through the water, while its paddle wheels leave a long and striking white wake behind it. In the healthy air of the lake, the attractions are endless: sport, excursions and a plunge into the ruins from times gone by. During the trips, on a boat or in a canoe, you will see the dense vegetation coming down from the mountains to the shore and sink into the depths of up to 80 metres. The path along the lake is broken by the one hundred metre high walls of the great dam that creates the basin. Created between 1951 and 1958, in the territories of Orroli, Goni, Nurri and Siurgus Donigala, to feed the aqueducts of thirty Municipalities in the province of Cagliari, the great basin contains 320 million cubic metres of water that, with its characteristic blue tinges creates a quiet oasis of peace.

Inside the lake ecosystem, you will come into contact with several species of wildlife: birds, like herons, ducks, mallards and kingfishers are the protagonists, along with turtles and freshwater fish, like the perch, the chub, the carp and the rainbow trout, attracting numerous recreational fishing enthusiasts. All around the lake, an enchanting world opens up. You can travel deeply into the area and experience the visit in an alternative way, for example by climbing aboard the Trenino Verde tourist train that, along its long itinerary through the heart of the Island, passes by the Mulargia. The mountains also have interesting surprises at store: the Moretta area contains rare tree species. An aura of mystery surrounds the 'Red Giant', the Nuraghe Arrubiu complex, located a short walk from the lake, in the territory of Orroli: it is one of the most majestic and surprising expressions of the Nuragic civilization.