An unspoilt, picturesque place, far away from everything. Capo Pecora is one of the gems of the Costa Verde and is on its southernmost extremity, in the territory of Arbus. To the south, it is on the border of Portixeddu (Fluminimaggiore) and to the north it borders on another pearl of Arbus, Scivu. Its granite promontory stands out along a coastline dominated by limestone rock: the pink granite contrasts with the turquoise sea and the green Mediterranean scrub.

Sheer, windswept cliffs, overlooking the sea, outline it and frame the little beaches with pebbles smoothed by the relentless work of the sea. In the little coves, the rocks have taken on unusual guises: one of them is known as 'beach of the dinosaur eggs'. The biggest beach in Capo Pecora, surrounded by fragrant shrubs, has large-grained golden sand. The waters are particularly transparent and take on a bright sapphire blue colour - a true delight for the eyes.

The locality is quite sparsely frequented and is a silent, private oasis. It is known for its marine wildlife and the seabed is teeming with gilthead bream, flathead grey mullet, sea bream, octopus, amberjacks, sea bream and sea bass. Therefore, it is very popular with snorkelling enthusiasts: don't forget your mask and camera if you want to discover and immortalize the beauty around you and the wonders of the seabed.

With a long but not challenging trek through the cliffs and granite walls, from the promontory of Capo Pecora, inhabited since prehistoric times and perfect for palaeontology and fossil enthusiasts, you will reach the beach of Scivu, where you can visit its nature reserve. The trail, high up above the sea, unwinds along paths and mule tracks. Once you have reached the highest point of the plateau, at the watchtower, you can look out to the north at the spectacular view of the Costa Verde: the 'desert' of the wild and wonderful Piscinas and the other 'pearl' of Torre dei Corsari. Then you can go down the steep slopes to reach Scivu, where you can hear the sound of the fine-grained sand as you walk on it. The coast of Arbus is a long series of immense beaches with sand dunes that plunge into the waters tinged with blue and emerald green. It also includes Portu Maga, the Marina of Arbus and Funtanazza, captivating places and surfers' havens.