Cala d'Oliva is found to the north east of the Island of Asinara. The Island of Asinara is a rugged granitic and shale formation which stretches out on the north-western point of Sardinia, above Capo Falcone, spread over 52 sq. Cala d'Oliva houses an important little port with the same name, one of the main landing points on Asinara, together with Cala Reale and Fornelli. The area is important for two reasons. Firstly, because of the two splendid beaches that are found here, composed of white sand lapped by a fabulous sea. one is found to the south of the promontory, called Sa Murighessa or of the 'Detenuti' (Prisoners). the other is in the north, near to the village and the little port. And then the village, the only inhabited centre on Asinara is found close to Cala d'Oliva. Right behind the houses we find the buildings of the ex-penal colony, used today as premises for the Park Authority and the Centre for Environmental Education.