Shoes full of footsteps

Hiking nel Cammino 100 Torri

Shoes full of footsteps

And routes filled with sun... in Sardinia it shines 300 days a year
Mother Nature’s outdoor gyms

The climate is mild most of the year and the temperatures are often pleasant even in winter. Intense light floods the paths along the coasts, as they wind through the wildest hinterland landscapes. Many of these are not quite beaten tracks and are pervaded by an impalpable primordial atmosphere that dominates the beauty of the landscapes. These are paths and hiking trails that lead to the discovery of the most exclusive and private Sardinia, to be explored while connected with the spirit of the places, that touches your soul.

Trekking in Sardegna

Walking in good company is good for body and mind and it is the salt in the recipe for long life of the centenarians in the blue zone of Sardinia, one of the five areas in the world where people live the longest and in good health. Getting physical exercise outdoors is part of their lifestyle and they move at a fast and steady pace along the paths around their villages, capturing every ray of sunshine and breathing in the fresh air in the well-preserved places. All that remains is to follow in the footsteps of our ante litteram fitwalkers and off you go.

trekking Selvaggio Blu - Baunei

To capture the most intimate side of Sardinia, try the spiritual itineraries, which touch on places outside of the usual circuits, connect remote rural churches and extend as far as the sea. Some are long and challenging, like those of Santu Jacu that crosses almost the entire Island, and San Giorgio Vescovo di Suelli. Others unwind in daily stages, like the Santa Barbara route, among the disused mines and the pristine coastlines of the Sulcis area. To avoid ever losing sight of the sea, tackle the itineraries that connect more than one hundred coastal towers to each other, located at the top of solitary promontories.

Torre di Barì - Barisardo

If your soul is green, choose which nearby park to go to and you will find marked paths, both for expert hikers and also for non-athletic walkers. A few names: massif of Limbara, Mount Linas, Mount Arcosu e Oasis of Tepilora, a concentration of biodiversity that stretches from the mountains to the beaches at the foot of the historical village of Posada. The hiking itineraries with views of the coastline are the marvellous common denominator of the marine areas and wetlands of Sinis and Capo Caccia and the parks of Porto Conte, Asinara and the Maddalena Archipelago.

Trekking Selvaggio Blu

'Sardinia like a continent' is not an urban legend, since in just a few kilometres you pass from an intricate landscape of virgin vegetation to an ethereal and lunar one or from a landscape brimming with nuraghi and menhirs to another of fantastic abandoned villages and hamlets. All of them are crossed by paths, some of which are quite unknown, while others attract the most demanding trekkers. Venture into the most beaten paths and those classified as T (Tourist – Easier) and E (Hiker- Intermediate). For the others, place your trust in environmental-hiking guides, which is the best choice for enjoying out of the ordinary hikes.